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Welcome to Kick Start Martial Arts™|Grant Park, Atlanta|Karate
​Kick Start Martial Arts™ is in the business of changing lives. We are Atlanta premium martial arts center. Our developmental classes gives you the physical, mental, and spiritual power to reach your goals no matter what they are.

We offer martial arts classes for kids, teens, and adults that benefit:

Mind - Develop greater discipline, concentration, and self-respect
Body - Increase your flexibility, endurance, and muscle tone
Spirituality - Manage peace and calm

Kick Start Martial Arts™ follows the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for 
preschooler in sports. 

We strive: 

To provide the highest quality martial arts instruction, 
To empower our students with valuable life skills,
To contribute to a safe and peaceful community.

​We focus on physical and mental growth. Which leads to the feeling of being calm, confident and secure in your daily life.
​We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for preschooler in sports. We provide a leadership curriculum. Mr Beaty has a Masters degree in Human Resource Development and a 4th degree black belt. Mr Beaty has facilitated leadership programs for Allstate Insurance Company and Eastman Kodak Company. The goal is to teach the student, of any age, how to develop spiritual, mental, and physical control which is essential for a productive life. 

Mr Beaty is guided and mentored by Grand Master T.H. Kim.

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