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Great Summer Camp 
It was a great experience. My child was given self defense training, outside playtime, field trips, educational games and daily snacks. The camp really focused on the whole child. Mr. Beaty and the staff are very professional and keep the kids on their toes. I will definitely send my child here again next summer.

Paez, Little Ninja & Youth

He believes that if you treat people with respect, they can and will rise to the expectations needed to achieve great things. His ability to respect others, go beyond what is expected, and to keep his commitments are all outstanding attributes.

Mr. Hamilton,
Sr. Sports Director, YMCA

Mr. Beaty has coached my daughters in Tang Soo Do for many years, and it has been an incredibly important and rewarding part of their development as children. Renard has taught them focus, discipline, and hard work, and from that they have developed skill and confidence. The things they learn in his class transcend participation in Tang Soo Do, and have had great influence on who they are, and how they interact with the world. I would strongly recommend Renard and Kick Start Martial Arts. He is an outstanding coach and mentor, and his school is top notch.

Stephen, Youth & Little Ninjas Parent

When Mr. Beaty speaks, people listen. His knowledge and experience demand great respect from his students and parents. Our son has taken Karate very seriously thanks to Mr. Beaty. From the beginning he shared that Karate was a way of life, not just a hobby and he certainly leads by example. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to have our son learn Tang Soo Do under Mr. Beaty.

McHales, Little Ninja Parents

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